Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center Visited Cedar

Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center Visited Cedar to Escort the Innovative Development of the Company

On February 25, Gu Jie, the Director of Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center, led a group of more than ten officers to Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cedar Electronics) for a panel discussion on the work relating to the accelerated preliminary examination and protection of intellectual property rights. 


Wang Yang, the Deputy General Manager of Cedar Electronics guided them to visit the Company’s fully automated smart workshop for the flip chip LED integrated encapsulation. At the exhibition hall, Wang Yang introduced 75’’ ~ 138’’ flip chip LED UHD direct display TV series and 120’’ flip chip LED UHD direct display TV series, which are not only cutting-edge, but also sold to the Americas and European countries. In recent years, their visibility in the international market has been increasing continuously.


During the session of information exchange, the relevant person in charge of Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center introduced in detail to the Company the knowledge regarding IP dispute resolution, right protection assistance, IP protection training, etc. with emphasis on the scope of business undertaken, patent navigation and relevant services provided by Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center.

Wang Yang first introduced the innovation and intellectual property rights of the Company. Its first-of-its-kind flip chip LED integrated encapsulation technology enabled the batch production and industrialized application of core raw materials, components and parts, which were all manufactured domestically, autonomous and controllable. Such technology has reached the international advanced level, with results selected for the National Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Exhibition of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, making the integrated-encapsulation LED display become the industry’s prevailing trend. In terms of intellectual property rights, the Company held the whole-chain core patents for COB display, and obtained five Excellence Awards of China Patent Award and one Silver Award of Jilin Patent Award, and was rated as the National-level Advanced Enterprise for Intellectual Property Rights, providing substantive support for the independent innovation and high-quality development of integrated encapsulation display.


Wang Yang sincerely praised the efforts of Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center, saying, “Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center has opened up an accelerated preliminary examination channel for us, which shortens the examination period for invention patents from two years to 37 working days, and from half a year to 12 working days for utility model patents; the greatly shortened authorization cycle significantly increased the authorization rate.”  

Wang Yang said that the Company would work closely with Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center to further enhance the efficiency and level of intellectual property protection, and make strategic preparations to “be capable of fighting and win battles” regarding the integrated encapsulation display patents, making the intellectual property become an important weapon for the Company to expand market share, improve the market order and implement strategic offense, and energize the Company for high-quality development. 

The Director of Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center said at the symposium that the visit and exchange were conducted in response to Jilin Province’s requirements for “continuously intensifying the support for specialized and sophisticated enterprises to promote their high-quality development”, thus providing “one-on-one” butler services for enterprises. Such visit made us really realize the product competitiveness of Cedar Electronics both at home and abroad. Through this activity, the technical capacity of the preliminary examiners may be enhanced to constantly improve quality and efficiency and empower the enterprises. 

Zheng Xifeng, the Chairwoman of Cedar Electronics, said that Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center has opened up a green channel for Cedar Electronics in patent, which played an important role in enhancing the Company’s competitiveness in the industry. Last year, the number of patents applied for by Cedar Electronics doubled compared with that of the previous year. These patents, on the one hand, proved that the products of the Company had relatively high influence in the domestic market; on the other hand, these patents were also the “stepping stone” to secure orders in the international market. With the great support of intellectual property authority, the Company may be more confident while competing with foreign competitors in the international market.


Since its official operation, Changchun Intellectual Property Protection Center has focused in depth on core technologies and key links of competitive industries in the city, and accurately served the needs of players in innovation by taking rapid preliminary examination as the approach and improving patent quality as the orientation to help enterprises obtain patent protection rapidly for their innovation achievements and serve the high-quality development of the industry. It also actively promoted the comprehensive acceleration in the acquisition and protection of rights and interests of players in innovation, and truly guided the players in innovation in Changchun to step on the “fast track” for intellectual property rights. 

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