Cedar Electronics Made a Debut at China Mini/Micro LED

The World’s First 85’’ 4K Mini LED Direct Display Super TV Manufactured by Cedar Electronics Made a Debut at China Mini/Micro LED Industry Ecology Conference

On October 13, the “2022 China Mini/Micro LED Industry Ecology Conference” sponsored by the Mini/Micro LED Display Industry Branch under China Video Industry Association (CMMA) was grandly opened at Shenzhen Hyatt Hotel. With the theme of “Industry Convergence to Support New Opportunity for Display”, the Conference aimed to gather the upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, promote the innovation and upgrading of the industrial ecology, and boost the development of new display technology.


In order to gather the power of intelligence and promote the development of new display technology, the experts, scholars, business leaders and industry experts from all over the world gathered together to focus on hot topics and discuss and share the industry development, delivering many cutting-edge results. Cedar showcased its 85-inch Mini LED Direct Display 4K Super TV, the only technology product at the Conference. It was first released in May this year ahead of Samsung and other industry giants, representing the world’s cutting-edge LED display technology. As the world’s first flip chip COB TV, Cedar’s 85-inch Mini LED Direct Display 4K Super TV represented the innovative application of the LED display with mini pixel pitch from the national key R&D programs under the “13th Five-year Plan”. It adopted the self-developed pixel enhancing technology based on the flip chip COB LED display to improve the display resolution and significantly reduce the production cost, making it possible for the all-round popularization of large-size LED direct display in commercial fields and families. The product has been optimized and upgraded in terms of smaller pixel pitch, image quality, green energy saving and cost, tackling the difficulty in batch production of mini pixel pitch display products and making it possible for LED display products with mini pixel pitch to be used in high-end indoor application places. Particularly, it played a leading role in the indoor application of large-size 4K/8K green UHD. Currently, Cedar has launched the world’s first 75’’ 4K Mini LED Direct Display Super TV and has completely the development of 85’’, 98’’ and 120’’ 4K Super TV based on Mini LED COB technology. The 75-inch product has been subject to the international novelty search conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and won the Gold Award for the Display of the Year Award (Large Size) at the 2022 International Conference on Display Technology.



Dr. Wang Yang, the Deputy General Manager of Cedar, was invited to attend the 2022 China Mini/Micro LED Industry Ecology Conference Forum and deliver a keynote speech entitled the “Development Trend of Large-size Mini/Micro LED Display Products and Technology”, describing the development trend of new display technology and its significance to the future development of UHD industry.

Dr. Wang Yang indicated that, “when new display technology is featured by all-round scenarios, diverse functions and diversified techniques, LED display has absolute competitive advantage in the large-size and super-size display market with its characteristics of active luminescence, brightness and seamless splicing compared with DLP and LCD splicing wall. In future, display technology will further develop towards green health and UHD based on miniaturization, and there is nearly a trillion market space.” The flip chip COB products, with advantages such as eye protection by area light sources, high reliability and short production processes, fill up the market gap for large-size display and lead the innovative development in the field of new displays.

As a national-level specialized and sophisticated “little giant” firm for the first-of-its-kind COB technology, Cedar Electronics has engaged in the field of display for many years, not only as a technological innovator and industry leader, but also as a standard maker. It led and undertook the only key special project for the national key R&D programs under the “13th Five-year Plan” to realize batch production and industrialized application of core raw materials, components and parts for flip chip COB, making it completely made-in-China and controllable. The achievements were selected for the “13th Five-year Plan” Scientific and Technological Achievement Exhibition and drove the rapid development of upstream, midstream and downstream LED industry chain. The products have been widely applied in the fields such as international and domestic videoconferencing, radio and television broadcasting, smart city, monitoring center and commercial exhibition, and also in places such as Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, the Three Gorges Hydropower Station, the National Radio and Television Administration and Huawei Flagship Store. 


In the face of this trillion display market for commercial and household application, Cedar Electronics breaks through the “pixel enhancing” technology, significantly lowers product costs, and offers a series of products including 2K standard display panel, 4K commercial display all-in-one and 4K/8K LED direct display TV to present richer image information to customers, greatly enhance content perception experience and meet the huge demand of green UHD market applications. In future, Cedar Electronics will continue to make contributions to the quality and efficiency improvement of innovation capability of optoelectronics industry in China, promote the healthy and rapid development of display industry and facilitate a new round of industrial upgrading.



Cedar’s 85’’ 4K Mini LED Direct Display Super TV

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