Cedar Electronics “Chenxin Series High-power COB LED Module” Won the First Prize

Good News! Cedar Electronics “Chenxin Series High-power COB LED Module” Won the First Prize for Lighting Products of the 12th Jilin Lighting Science and Technology Award

Recently, approved by the Department of Science and Technology of Jilin Province, the review work of the 12th Jilin Lighting Science and Technology Award has been completed successfully. With the accumulated expertise and industry-leading lighting strength, the project of “Chenxin Series High-power COB LED Module” submitted by Cedar Electronics won the First Prize for Lighting Products of the 12th Jilin Lighting Science and Technology Award.


As the only scientific and technological award in the lighting field of Jilin province, this Award aims at promoting the progress of lighting technology, popularizing environment-friendly, safe and comfortable green lighting and promoting the rapid development of lighting industry in Jilin province. Cedar’s winning of the First Prize for Lighting Products of the Jilin Lighting Science and Technology Award represented full affirmation of the lighting technology level and innovation ability of Cedar Electronics. 

Innovation is the primary driving force for development! As a typical and representative enterprise in photoelectric industry in Jilin, Cedar Electronics has, through the transformation of achievements from the “Brilliant Action” program of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the “13th Five-year Plan” national key R&D projects, formed the core optical devices, optics, heat dissipation and whole lamp integration technology with independent intellectual property rights, complete the high-power and large-space single light source LED lighting products, with key technical indicators reaching the international advanced level. 

High compatibility and ultra-high power density

Cedar Electronics innovated and developed Chenxin COB phase-change modules for lighting product solutions by reference to the national standard Application and Interface Requirements for LED Lighting for the standard module design, and the power of a single module can reach 150W, effectively replacing three prevailing modules (50W) in the industry and realizing high power, small volume and light weight. It can reduce the cost of lamp housing, lamp pole and capital construction, improve the safety and allow for wider application.

Stability, reliability and efficient heat dissipation 

Phase-change heat dissipation technology: high reliability, long service life and low lumen depreciation; high-transmittance glass lens: non-aging, zero lumen depreciation and free of electrostatic adsorption; precise light distribution and variable color temperature: industry leader.         

Precise light distribution and variable color temperature with single light source  

It may satisfy various road standards and allow for industry-leading precise light distribution and distribution combinations. Through the spread-light lens design, it can realize large wide bar ratio and large distance bar ratio, remove the longitudinal and transverse lighting bright and dark area of roads, improve the utilization ratio and uniformity of the light on the roads, effectively reduce the glare; the single light source color temperature is adjustable (2700-6000K), providing good light distribution and uniformity and high cost performance.




Longhu Avenue Lighting Demonstration Project


Yuanda Street Lighting Demonstration Project

The award shows full affirmation and confidence by the market in the technology innovation and product innovation of Cedar Electronics. Cedar Electronics will live up to expectations and move forward with this great honor. With forward-looking design concept and continuous technical reform, Cedar will keep making efforts in the aspects of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, promote the new development of lighting industry with its good reputation and strength as the guide, and play the role in leading and supporting the innovation as a key provincial-level enterprise so as to add brilliance to the development of lighting industry.

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