The Working Meeting on the Drafting of Attended by Cedar Electronics

The Working Meeting on the Drafting of a National Standard Titled the Standard For Evaluation of the Service Quality of Urban Light Environment Construction (Draft) Attended by Cedar Electronics Successfully Held in Beijing

On March 17, a symposium was held at Beijing Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Lighting Institute Co., Ltd. for the drafting of a national standard titled the Standard for Evaluation of the Service Quality of Urban Light Environment Construction. Representatives from the industry chain, including management organizations, scientific research institutions, design organizations, testing units, implementation institutions and suppliers, and Dr. Wang Yang, the Deputy General Manager of Cedar Electronics as the representative of the participating organizations attended the symposium.


The Meeting was chaired by Rong Haolei, the President of Beijing Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Lighting Institute, and Tian Chuan, Director of the Technical Committee for Service Standardization of Urban Facilities delivered a speech at the Meeting, followed by in-depth communication and active discussion on standard compilation among the participating organizations attending the Meeting, who put forward professional and profound suggestions for revision to make contribution to high-quality development of urban lighting. This standard not only clarified the process specification, but also filled the industry blank. It was of great practical significance to optimize the urban lighting infrastructure service and reduce the energy consumption of urban lighting.

Cedar Electronics has, through the transformation of achievements from the “Brilliant Action” program of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the “13th Five-year Plan” national key R&D projects, formed the core optical devices, heat dissipation and whole lamp integration technology with independent intellectual property rights and complete the high-power single light source LED lighting products to fill the market gap. The products repeatedly won the Scientific and Technology Innovation Award of China Lighting Award, and won the “Top Ten Product Award” and “Top Ten Technology Award” of Aladdin Lamp Award at Guangzhou International Fair; the products were widely applied in the scenarios such as municipal roads, industrial and mining enterprises, railways, airports, docks and stadiums, establishing China’s leading position in the field of high-power single light source LED lighting.    

Cedar Electronics has participated in the drafting of the Standard for LED Lighting Application for Automotive Industry Enterprises, the Technical Specifications for Classroom Lighting in Primary and Middle Schools, the Interface Requirements for Smart Road Lighting Terminal Controllers and the General Technical Specifications for Vehicle-mounted Optical Information Interaction System, and we would continue to give play to our corporate responsibility and mission and work with industry partners to jointly promote the high-quality development of the lighting industry.

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