Smart city smart street lights

From March 18 to 20, 2019 in Hangzhou, the 15th China road lighting forum was held by China electric lighting association, outdoor lighting committee of China lighting society, urban lighting committee of China municipal engineering association.

Smart city smart street lights

forum opening ceremony hosted by forum secretary general Zhang jianlin, Chen yansheng, President of China lighting electrical association, and Yang min, director of the lighting supervision center of Hangzhou municipal bureau of urban management, addressed the opening ceremony of the conference successively. In his speech, director Chen yansheng pointed out that LED street lamps have been relatively mature and have made great contributions to lighting energy conservation, and hoped that street lamp enterprises will carry out more pilot projects and blaze a trail for the development of smart street lamps.


Cedar "respect" road lighting with light "theme report

Yang xi, general manager of Cedar's lighting sales department, has suggested that street lighting should be people-oriented, functional and on-demand, The future development direction of LED street lamps must be energy-saving, low color temperature, easy to maintain, intelligent, to create a safe, comfortable, energy-saving road light environment for people. The new generation of LED street lamp products should not only take energy saving standards into consideration, but also achieve energy saving of street lamps and landscape design, and create a healthy and comfortable light environment, which is standardized, interchangeable and easy to maintain, and realize intelligent integration.


Cedar "respect" road lighting with light "theme report


Cedar lighting product show area

New generation sodium LED street lamps

During the same period of the meeting, Cedar conducted a site demonstration of the product. Display the sodium lamp color LED street lamp, LED tunnel lamp, LED road light engine and other products. Among them, the "new generation sodium lamp color LED street lamp" independently developed by Cedar has attracted the attention of many attendees with its ultra-low color temperature of 2200K, 30~300W independent light engine, precise light distribution, low glare, high uniform illumination, low light decay, ultra-low temperature and other advantages. Cedar's new-generation sodium colored LED street lamp adopts single light source COB technology solution to eliminate the shadow blur phenomenon of multi-particle LED street lamp. And has long life, low light decay, high and low temperature adaptability , high product reliability and other advantages. It not only improves the quality of urban road lighting, but also achieves energy saving rate of over 50%. As an important part of smart city, the new generation of sodium LED street lamp realizes further energy saving and forms a smart street lamp platform system to meet the construction of smart city.

As one of the most extensive infrastructure in the city, street lamp is also one of the main symbols of smart city, the street lamp also ushered in the wisdom upgrade. Cedar is committed to the popularization of intelligent interconnected lighting to accelerate the construction of smart cities in China!

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