Cedar’s Latest Lighting Products Presents Mexico-China Invest & Trade Expo

The 11th Mexico-China Invest and Trade Expo organized in Morelos, Mexico by the Mexican Chamber of Commerce of the Yangtze River, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, grand opening on Nov.15-17. Cedar Electronics unveiled latest Chenxin series of variable color temp. high-power modules, industry-leading ultra-high-power COB single light source LED streetlamps, tunnel lights and high-pole lamps and other strengths, and got great attention at the exhibition.


Mexico, bordered by the United States in the north and Guatemala and Belize in the south, is an important hub of the Latin American economy and an emerging market to be developed, with obvious strategic location advantages. With the deepening of political and economic cooperation and exchanges between China and Mexico, it has attracted many enterprises from both countries. 

Cedar participated in the fair under the organization and leadership of Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, the Secretary of Commerce of Morelos State visited Cedar's booth to understand the advantages and characteristics of the products and assisted the enterprises to carry out technological cooperation. During the fair, Zou Chuanming, Minister Counselor of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, and Zhang Guigang, Director of Trade and Development of Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, and others visited the booth, encouraging China's high and new technology enterprises to go abroad actively, and promoting the deepening of the Sino-Mexican economic cooperation. 




Focus on technological breakthroughs to empower diversified applications

In addition to focusing on technology research and development and product enhancement, Cedar Electronics is also actively deepening the global market layout, this scene with the Chenxin series of the industry's top technical standards, successfully in the international arena to show their own technical research of the latest products with a comprehensive demonstration of the Chenxin series of lighting products in a variety of application scenarios. 


l  Chenxin series’ single module power up to 150w, effectively replace the 3 industry common modules, to achieve high power, small volume, lightweight.

l  Adopting phase change heat dissipation technology, it effectively solves the problem of heat dissipation of light source which restricts the development of high-power LED, and realizes the high reliability, long life and low light source of the product.

l  Adopting high transmittance glass lens, it can work at -50℃~500℃, and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-salt alkali, anti-UV, etc., realizing no aging, 0 light decay and no adsorption.

l  Precise light distribution and light distribution combinations for polarized lens design can meet a variety of lighting standards, improve the light utilization and uniformity of the road surface, and achieve high standards, low glare, and multi-application. 

Wave the international market to show the leading position

At the expo, Cedar Electronics booth successfully attracted the attention of users, and participants on the characteristics of the product, the industry development trend and other topics to carry out in-depth exchanges, and in-depth cooperation with industry eco-partners, harvesting support and affirmation at the same time, and further promote the foreign users of the brand of Cedar Electronics awareness and understanding.


As the high-power COB LED lighting leader, Cedar responds to the national "One Belt, One Road" strategy, and Cedar has gained a more intuitive understanding of the specific needs of Mexico and even the global market for lighting products through open communication with customers on the international trade fair platform. In the face of strong demand in the global market, Cedar will continue to increase research efforts in cutting-edge fields, promote the brand construction of categories, provide more competitive and higher quality products and services for global users, lead technological innovation, and promote the deep development of the industry. 

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