Cedar Electronics Amazes Beijing InfoComm China 2023

Cedar Electronics Amazes Beijing InfoComm China 2023 with Products of Full-scene Application 

From July 19 to 21, Beijing InfoComm China 2023 was grandly opened in China National Convention Center. With the theme of "Focus on Value Integration and Symbiosis", Cedar Electronics attended the exhibition with its amazing Green Ultra HD Flip-chip COB LED for full-scene application, attracting a number of guests in the same field to visit Cedar’s booth and learn its audio-visual innovation technology and innovative cases.

As a global pioneer in the field of COB micro-pitch display, Cedar Electronics focuses on exhibiting its solutions on various display scenes, in hope of showcasing the localized and global product matrix provided by Cedar Electronics for high-end display applications in the industry, bringing customers vivid immersive visual experience and professional integration solutions.


What is the most attractive product on the exhibition must be the P0.4 and P0.9 ultra-high definition large-size display screens of the “Phantom Crystal Series”. This series is the innovative application of LED micro-spacing scientific and technological achievements in the national key R&D plan during the 13th Five-Year period, as well as one of fruitful results of "Hongguang Special Project" by Chinese Academy of Sciences. The product is featured by HDR dynamic HD restoration, 16-bit high-precision gray scale, high contrast and refresh rate, and excellent image performance, giving the best visual feast to audience. Among them, P0.9 screen apply large-scale splicing to achieve consistency of viewing angle under white picture with no color block or color cast, while maintaining color consistency under black picture with non-reflective anti-glare effect, and eventually solving the problem of different shades of matte surface that has been long bothering the whole industry. At present, this series has been mass-produced, offering COB with small spacing below 0.4 mm-1. 0 mm, which fills the market gap of LED small spacing and large size display. It can be widely used in display scenarios such as command center, monitoring and dispatching, information release, etc., and strongly empowers the development of smart cities.



Cedar Electronics’ P0.7 Ultra HD display screen of “Obsidian Series” was extremely favored by exhibitors with it excellent color expression and HDR dynamic HD restoration. This product adopts UBP extreme black surface ink treatment technology by Chinese Academy of Sciences and flip-chip solderless packaging technology, which has strong visual integration, stable and reliable performance and comfortable near-screen experience. It’s suitable for different scenes in the professional market and can be widely used as intelligent display for terminals of telemedicine, video conference and big data center.


As a display terminal for intelligent information interaction, LED intelligent all-in-one machine has been iteratively upgraded according to the requirements of various application scenarios by market segmentation. For the 4K Ultra HD conference, Cedar Electronics exhibited the industry's first and leading 4K Ultra HD 120 "and 138" smart all-in-one machines of the “Phantom Crystal Series”. This series of products are based on Mini LED COB integrated packaging technology independently developed by Cedar Electronics, with smooth touch on the screen surface, clear and gorgeous picture quality, stable performance and close application experience. Equipped with multi-core CPU to run stably in multi-tasks, the products have powerful graphics operation and multimedia processing capabilities empowered by quad-core GPU, and support wireless project, electronic whiteboard writing and large-screen interactive display, thus realizing multi-regional remote interaction and cooperation, and innovating conference office experience. At the moment, the smart all-in-one machine can be widely used in government-enterprise meetings, accusation centers, audio-visual entertainment, education, smart medical care and other scenes, thus having great potential for future development.


Cedar Electronics' stunning performance at Beijing InfoComm China 2023, signifying its product advantages and all-round innovation in solutions in the field of ultra-high definition flip-chip LED COB display. In the future, Cedar Electronics will continue to make efforts in strengthening user experience and exploring business development direction, so as to accurately provide innovative solutions for multi-scenario applications, meet the diverse needs of customers, perfectly fit the digital development direction, and realize the application of cutting-edge technologies in popular fields.

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