Cedar’s 75 inch 4K Flip Chip COB LED Direct TV Winning

Cedar’s 75 -inch 4K Flip Chip COB LED Direct TV Winning Gold Award for Best Display Product (Large Size) in International Conference on Display Technology 

From July 16 to 19, 2022, the four-day International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT) co-hosted by Beijing Branch of Society for Information Display (SID), Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government, Fuzhou University, National Center of Technology Innovation for Display and Strategic Alliance of Display Industry Technology Innovation was grandly held in Fuzhou Digital China Convention and Exhibition Center. As a new platform for the exchange and cooperation of global new display industry, this conference deeply focused on the technology frontier of industry and gathered key representative enterprises in the upper, middle and lower reaches of industrial chain. Cedar Electronics was invited to attend and exhibit the world’s first Phantom Crystal Series “75-inch 4K flip chip COB integrated package LED direct display”, showing the high-quality development of industry!

International Conference on Display Technology is an industry exhibition with high international influence, and all the innovative products on display represent the top technology level in the industry. As the global creator and leader in COB micro spacing display, Cedar Electronics has been invited to attend the ICDT industry event for three consecutive years, with representative and technologically leading products. After winning the “Best Innovative Display Award of the Year” last year, Cedar Electronics won the Gold Award for Best Display Product (Large Size) in ICDT 2022 for its “75-inch 4K flip chip COB integrated package LED direct display” again this year. It is worth mentioning that the International Conference on Display Technology is the only independent brand display technology conference held by the Society for Information Display (SID) outside the United States. It is an international conference strongly supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the award is highly professional and authoritative. This time, Cedar Electronics focused on the digital display demand to launch the large LED direct digital TV and win this award again, which further manifested the extreme innovation and extraordinary creativity of the company. 

The Phantom Crystal Series “75-inch 4K flip chip COB integrated package LED direct display” displayed in this exhibition has a resolution of 3840×2160, featuring ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast and ultra-wide field of view, which meet the users’ visual experience needs with higher standards. As a LED direct TV aimed at the home application market, this product is the innovative application of scientific and technological achievements of “Key Technology Development and Application Demonstration of Ultra-high Density Micro-pitch LED Display” project of strategically advanced electronic materials in the “13th Five-Year Plan” National Key R&D Program, which is equipped with the patented technology of RGB sub-pixel silicon crystal arrangement and unique wafer reuse. With the same area, it can achieve higher resolution, and present massive data and information, deeply meeting the display needs of the big data era.

Since 2022, Cedar Electronics has built core advantages with technology and established a perfect product system based on core COB technology. Phantom Crystal Series is a major new product of Cedar Electronics this year, which is equipped with different product forms, covering LED display unit, all-in-one conference machine, super TV and standardized display panel. It has achieved full size layout of 75 inch - 220 inches and 4k/8k UHD resolution coverage, making up for the lack of single large UHD display products in the market. In this era dominated by large screen, this series can stimulate the rapid development of LED industry chain in the upper, middle and lower reaches, with broad prospects in the professional market, commercial display market and civil market!

Cedar Electronics has been deeply involved in LED display for many years, and has made breakthroughs in key standard technologies such as luminous chips, packaging materials and driving devices. This award is the full affirmation of the enterprise, which confirms Cedar Electronics’ technical perspectiveness in the field of LED new display. As one of the earliest innovators in COB display technology, Cedar Electronics will still focus on industry forefront to create display products of higher quality and contribute to the LED large display era with superior display technology.

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