Cedar Electronics’ HD Displays Contribute to Build of Huawei’s New Ecosystem

Recently, Cedar Electronics and Huawei have completed together another important project--. Huawei’s flagship store in Wuhan, and it further demonstrates the strength of Cedar Electronics in the display industry.  

The project adopts Flip-chip COB P1.2mm products of B series, with a total area of 26.26 square meters, which has many advantages of area light source display, low blue ray, visual health care. It also can present dynamic pictures to meet users’ higher experience requirements.  B series is launched as one of the high-end products focusing on professional market, which can meet the requirements in emergency command, security monitoring, intelligent urban fields.   

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Technology is the basis for building a smart future, as the Flip-chip COB ultra-HD Fine Pixel display creator and leader, Cedar Electronics has cooperated with Huawei for many times before. In recent years, the company has built several landmark cases for fields of smart city, smart traffic, smart security, etc., and has accumulated rich experience in smart display. Accelerating the construction of digital China is the development direction in the new period, in the future, Cedar Electronics will seize the development opportunities, and continue to promote the deep integration of digital and display, better for the digital transformation of urban development services.

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Huawei’s Flagship Store in Beijing  16.93㎡   

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Huawei’s Flagship Store in Qingdao  13.38㎡

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