Cedar’s Large Power COB Blossom at Light Middle East

On January 16th-19th, the Dubai International Lighting Exhibition (LIGHT MIDDLE EAST) was held at the Dubai World Trade Center. As the most professional and largest lighting exhibition in the entire Gulf region, it has attracted professional global merchants to gather and share cutting-edge results in the lighting field.

In this exhibition, Cedar Electronics showcased the latest Chenxin series High-power COB LED module with tunable correlated color temperature, high-power COB single-light source LED street lights, tunnel lights, high-pole lights and open-mounted downlights and other advantages of the product debut, displayed in the field of road lighting, industrial lighting and commercial lighting and other fields of scene lighting innovative products and application results.


Cedar developed a whole range of user-orientated innovations to confront the ever-increasing demands of the global market. Among them, the self-developed Chenxin series   high-power COB LED module with tunable correlated color temperature is highlighted, which adopts a unique design scheme and can be derived from streetlights, high-pole lights, tunnel lights and other types of road lighting products, which are widely used in urban roads, railways, high-speed tunnels, airports, stadiums and other places. This series of products won the "Global SSL Award of Innovations Top 100” etc.



As a global leader in the field of high-power COB LED lighting, Cedar Electronics will continue to strengthen product and technology innovation, actively explore overseas lighting markets, fully explore the construction opportunities along the “Belt and Road” countries, and bring more energy-saving, intelligent, safe and sustainable lighting products and solutions.

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