Cedar’s Products Selected of “Innovation China”

Cedar’s Green UHD Integrated-encapsulation Oversized LED Display Products Successfully Selected the State-of-art Technologies List of “Innovation China”   

Recently, the China Association for Science and Technology released the list of selection results for 2022 “Innovation China” series lists. After several rounds of selection and evaluation, the “green UHD integrated-encapsulation oversized LED display technology and products” independently developed by Changchun Cedar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. stood out from hundreds of high-quality projects throughout the country and were successfully selected for the “State-of-art Technologies List” in the field of electronic information by “Innovation China”.

The lists of “Innovation China”, established by the China Association for Science and Technology, aims to promote the in-depth integration of innovation chain and industry chain, further seek practical results, cultivate connotation, improve quality and build ecology, guide the exploration of new forms, new organizations and new models of technical services and transactions, and activate the innovation-led cooperation momentum to support the independent development of high-level science and technology, with focus on the demand of serving the major national strategies.


With the development trend of large-screen display industry and users’ ultimate pursuit of ultra-high definition display effect, the green ultra-high definition integrated encapsulation LED display products have a huge application space facing the main battlefield of national economy. Targeting at the period of strategic opportunity for high-quality development of display technology toward green energy saving, eye protection and 5G+ UHD, Cedar Electronics takes the lead in the layout and industrialization of green UHD integrated-encapsulation oversized LED display technology. The project has been successfully selected for “Hongguang Program” of Chinese Academy of Science in 2021. The project results, with completely independent intellectual property rights, are independent and controllable in the whole process from design and techniques to preparation and production and have the capacity of batch production and supply. Currently, Cedar has optimized the integrated encapsulation process for the flip chip COB, and developed an extreme black surface treatment technology and pixel-level optical structure design technology to improve the blackness, contrast, surface hardness and corrosion resistance of screens and enable surface light source display and green and healthy eye protection. Ahead of other international manufacturers, Cedar completed the placement of 110-inch, 120-inch, 130-inch, 138-inch 4K and 165-inch 8K products, and launched 75-inch, 85-inch, 98-inch and 120-inch Mini-LED direct display 4K super TVs and standard UHD splicing screens. With the implementation of the new capital construction strategies, it will give strong support for the wide application to the construction of projects such as intelligent information networks, road networks, power grids and big data centers and provide healthy, energy-saving and environment-friendly LED display products for important fields of national economic construction such as command and control centers, cultural media, super cinemas, telemedicine and video conference.

It is reported that the selection for “Innovation China” series lists constitutes an important content for the China Association for Science and Technology to make the construction of “Innovation China” go deeper. The inclusion of Cedar Electronics in the 2022 State-of-art Technologies List of “Innovation China” in the field of electronic information represents the leading role of Cedar Electronics in the innovative applications in the field of UHD has been recognized. Cedar will continue to take advantage of its technological leadership, promote the transformation of innovative achievements, application of green UHD integrated-encapsulation oversized LED display products to more fields, achieve a deep integration of cutting-edge LED display technology and UHD market applications, and boost the high-quality development of China’s UHD LED industry with high-end display products.

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