Cedar’s COB Screen a Milestone for China’s Space Program

The latest launch of China’s Long March rockets was the first using an entirely locally developed space command system, it was revealed.

The Long March-4B carrier rocket was launched on April 30 from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, carrying the Tianhui-2 satellite which was subsequently successfully launched into orbit. It was revealed that a high-precision COB small-spacing LED display system developed by Cedar Electronics, a company controlled by CIOMP, made its debut during this mission.

It is the first time that a Chinese rocket was launched using an entirely Chinese developed system, both software and hardware.

For many years, the development of a display system which can meet the needs of China’s space program has been the bottleneck hindering China’s efforts in developing an entirely developed and made in China space command system.


Above picture is Cedar’s COB display

 The image information related to confidentiality has been processed

Model:NCD012(area:75.57㎡)、NCD018 (area:19.68㎡)

Cedar Electronic’s LED displays’ excellent display effect as well as their stable performance made them the solution to that problem. The displays gave the scientists access to real-time images and data, which are of invaluable importance when they need to make critical decisions.

Monitoring and image transmission technologies are essential to the success of any space mission. Cedar Electronics’ COB screens can capture the on-site images and allow live accurate display of the satellite launch process. Its seamless splicing technology makes it possible to display more content, and with more details.

In addition to the quality of the images, the display systems are also required to be able to perform consistently over an extended period of time. The Cedar system can meet that need perfectly.

Cedar Electronics is proud to aid China’s space program and will continue its work in the field of information visualization.

Cedar Electronics, controlled by CIOMP, is a leader of large-screen LED technology in China.

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